Choosing the right exterior paint

November 7, 2017 Uncategorized



Australia has harsh conditions making it essential to pick the correct system to protect your external substrates. Most well known brands of paints have a lot of different choices and variety’s to meet standards to withstand different conditions and speaking to a professional tradesperson would be the first step In this instance. Ill run through a few different products and why they are used.

Membranes and texture coatings

These are used a lot on Multi story residential units as they are low maintenance and offer great protection to  substrates. Generally suitable for masonry surfaces such as render, bricks etc. Multi story buildings are generally not the easiest projects to access so when they are painted you would want to put on a product that will last. Top brands are offering warranties for external membranes if applied by a trained applicator and the correct system is used. We use Dulux acratex and they offer a 10 year warranty which offers a piece of mind to the client with low maintenance costs.

Exterior acrylic systems

This is a common system for all types of projects. Suitable for common exterior cladding (weatherboards, matrix, axon, etc.) render and masonry surfaces. Be careful though, when receiving a specification for an exterior project we would recommend premium products as they hold better colour retention and better overall protection. The cheaper products tend to fade and chalk up a lot quicker. To keep all exterior substrates looking great, maintenance is required. What we mean by this is to keep the products clean, wash down regularly. This will help the product hold a longer life. Depending on the area and conditions we recommend to repaint every 6/8 years.


If you would like to discuss a maintenance schedule for you property call us at JR Complete Painting for a quote and colour consultation.