Your Walls, Countertops, Tiles and Ceilings Will Look Brand New Again

Mould is the common term for many types of fungi — those unwanted, ugly patches of brown, black, pink, yellow, green fuzzy growths often found on walls, ceilings, corners, carpets and water leaks. Moulds love moisture and actively growing moulds can damage the material it lives on (such as your wall), consequently weakening the overall integrity of the structure.  Moulds are also responsible for several illnesses like athlete’s foot and respiratory tract infections.

Paint and building materials deteriorate over time but you can extend their shelf life through proper maintenance such as mould removal and mould killing.  Here at JR Complete Painting, we have a team of professionals that specialises in mould removal and killing. They can remove any type of build-up from any surface, leaving your walls, ceilings, tiles and counter tops looking new again. We only use the best and safest commercial cleaners available. Our experts are also equipped with the right tools to get the job done without damaging any of your exterior or interior surfaces.