Let Us Handle the Pressure

Is your walkway, deck, driveway or wall looking old? Maybe it just needs some pressure cleaning. Build-up of dirt, mildew and mould can affect the beauty and integrity of your property. And if left unchecked, can cost you a lot of money in future repairs. By having your home or property checked regularly, you are not just saving yourself from costly renovations but also prolonging the beauty and improving the value of your property.

JR Complete Painting pressure cleaning services can clean any types of surfaces — tile, concrete, stone — you name it. By using low and high pressure washing equipment, our experts can make these new surfaces look brand new without damaging your paint or finish.


High and Low: The Two Types of Pressure Cleaning

The type of pressure cleaning depends on the type of dirt and surface to be cleaned. High pressure cleaning uses hard water pressure to remove dirt and is more suitable for surfaces that are not covered with finish or paint. High pressure cleaning is also ideal for surfaces with crevices and cracks like walkways and driveways.

Low pressure cleaning, on the other hand, uses soft water and 100% safe chemicals to get rid of mould, algae and dirt build-up on finished or painted surfaces. Low pressure cleaning is also ideal for siding materials.

Lock in that Clean Look

Want to stay dirt-, mould- and grime-free for years? We have the perfect solution! JR Complete Painting sealing services can lock in that clean look on your concrete for years to come. Our team of sealing experts use only the best sealing solutions available in the market. These chemicals prevent moisture (which stimulates mould growth), liquids, dirt and unwanted cracking, warping and pitting from damaging the integrity and beauty of your property — leaving your sidewalks, patios, driveways, tiles, walls and pavements looking new for several years.

No matter the project size, you can expect high quality painting services from us. We will work within your budget and offer no less than the best. Choose to work with us. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started.